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Twinkly fairy lights adorn the wooden wall

Our Story


Finding The Lost Garden Retreat

We were so inspired by the heritage of this woodland that The Lost Garden Retreat almost dreamed itself into existence. As a family, we have always shared a lifelong passion for the quiet calm of nature. We wanted to bring the arboretum a new lease of life.

The purpose at the heart of the retreat, was to create a unique glamping experience for families to reconnect with nature, as well as each other. So now, after many years of extensive research, design and build, The Lost Garden Retreat has finally been found. We were personally involved in every inch of its creation, with help from our team of designers, builders and our families.

A black and white hand-drawn illustration of a Sequoia tree at The Lost Garden Retreat.

“The experience of dreaming up, constructing and running The Lost Garden Retreat together as a family has been something truly extraordinary”


To build something with your hands, to learn about how best to live and work mindfully, to scour the country for sustainable wares and to bring something to life that is immensely real and special: it has all been a delightful process. We get a huge amount of satisfaction at the thought that our retreat has revived this beautiful, historical land and that it can now be enjoyed by many generations to come.

We hope you love it as much as we do!

With all the best wishes
from The Bostock Family

The light comes in through the window to shine on the brown leather sofa in the Cowshed.
Looking down towards the bathroom, the wood panelled walls of the garden tent are rich in colour.
Two woman are setting the hot tub up for use

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