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The Lost Pleasure Gardens

Cast your imagination back to the 18th Century, the époque when our site was the illustrious pleasure garden of the Hintlesham Hall estate. Illustrations of these original gardens helped inspire the design of our retreat.

Acres of formal gardens with long sweeping avenues down which pedestrians would stroll together on balmy Summer evenings, oft adorned with nightly illuminations and magic lanterns. A beautiful and democratic space designed to appeal to wealthier tastes, but where the rich and poor alike can enjoy rural splendour, side by side.

On the shores of the lake, you may even happen upon the forgotten shells of Freshwater oysters, left behind by revelers of days gone by. We are honoured to build upon the happy memories of those lost gardens and imbue them with a new lease of life.

Above: Heneage Lloyd and his sister, Lucy, c.1750.
Below: Lady Lloyd and her son Richard Savage of Hintlesham Hall
Photo credits: The Fitzwilliam Museum & Wikimedia
Lady Lloyd and her son Richard Savage of Hintlesham Hall
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